About Ease

We are a playful shop rooted in kindness & connection.
We offer one of a kind, vintage goods inspired by our values of sustainability, compassionate commerce and good design. We provide contemporary, quality products that integrate seamlessly into a beautiful and intentional lifestyle.
Our motivation is the action of conscious consumption and it’s lasting positive impact on ourselves, others and our world.
A new story:
“... We're inter-dependent, we're connected. Your well-being will bring my well-being. More for you is more for me. It's the mentality of the gift of generosity. What I give to the world will come back to me somehow because we're not really separate. Other cultures had this, ancient cultures, indigenous cultures. In those cultures, your well-being, your wealth, your status was dependent on how generous you were. So you could give everything away, and you know you'd be okay because people would take care of you too. So you were at EASE, you felt at home in the world and you saw this in nature as well. You saw every being not trying to out-compete all the others but every being offering a gift toward the health and evolution of all things.” – Charles Eisenstein

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